7 Keto DHEA

7-Keto is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA, providing the same benefits as DHEA without the associated side effects. 7-keto, is one of three oxygenated metabolites of Dehydroepiandrosterone. These three oxygenated metabolites interconvert with one another, but do not convert back into parent DHEA. 7-keto supplementation is a way to get these three oxygenated metabolites without using DHEA supplementation. DHEA may form androgenic and estrogenic hormones via an alternate metabolic pathway, which 7-keto does not participate.

7-keto appears to be a promising non-hormonal fat burning agent, but requires more evidence on both of these claims.

7-keto supplementation is mostly known to be non-hormonal. It can interact with steroid metabolism, but the exact manner in which it does it not fully known. It does appear; however, to have anti-cortisol mechanisms as the enzymes that activate cortisol (from the relatively inactive precursors of cortisone and corticosterone) are the same that interconvert these oxygenated metabolites.

Source: U.S. National Library of Medicine DHEA Info