Weight Loss and Diet Patch Review

Patch manufacturers make outrageous claims that their weight loss and diet patch will have you slim in no time. Reality is, weight loss is more dependent on diet than any other factor.

There are drugs on the market that do catalyze fat loss, but these are powerful prescription only drugs. In short, over the counter weight loss diet patches are bogus. There is no substitute for eating healthy and exercising. Dedication and perseverance are the keys to achieving your fitness goals.

Texas Transdermals aims to improve overall heath by supplying products that use extensively tested active ingredients that show to wholistically improve recovery. Amino acids, a quality multivitamin and gym rat approved creatine are the corner stones of our successful product line.

Supplements exist to compliment an otherwise healthy lifestyle that due to stress, requires extra or supplemental nutrition. Supplementation is in addition to a healthy diet, NOT a substitute for nutrition. You still need to eat a healthy variety of foods. Diet is paramount.

You are what you eat. If you put junk food in, you get junk energy out. Calories are not created equal. You want high quality protein rich calories – not empty sugar and carb calories. Abs are made in the kitchen – not the gym. And starving yourself is no solution! Not eating slows your metabolism and actually preserves fat while burning non essential tissue like hard earned muscle for fuel – catabolism.

Instead, keep your metabolism burning with a steady stream of protein and nutrients throughout the day to enable the healing process of muscle and tissue growth regeneration – anabolism.

Supplements are tools that let us push our limits and recover quicker. Supplements are not substitutes for diet and exercise.

Weight loss and slim diet patch products are unequivocally phony scams. Weight loss is a lifestyle change. Not a gimmick!