Workout Patch Stack

Exercise Patch Stack

Workout Stack Includes 90 Patches – One month supply.

Workout Stack Includes 90 Patches. One month supply. $69.95

Training plays a critical role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Texas Transdermals’ Workout Stack includes 90 patches from three (3) different supplements that are formulated to keep you thriving in the gym.  The Workout Stack includes:

Amino Acid Patch – 30 patches
DHEA Burner Patch – 30 patches
Creatine and Beta Alanine Patch – 30 patches

This combination of all natural time release patches delivers a full range of supplements engineered to improve gym performance.  Individually these patches are affective; however, when combined with similarly purposed supplements, the stack becomes a powerful synergistic tool in your pursuit of gains.

Bundling the patches in this Workout Stack format lowers consumer cost by 25 percent.

Dumbbells for exercise.

Dumbbells racked in gym.

Why is transdermal technology better than pills and powder?

When a dietary supplement is swallowed, it is digested by stomach acids and then metabolized by the liver to the extent that only a small portion of the original dosage enters the bloodstream.  Thus, the liver dramatically reduces the bioavailability of oral supplements. Bioavailability refers to the degree to which a nutrient becomes available to the target tissue after it has been administered.

Transdermal patch technology is superior to orals, because the supplement is delivered directly into the bloodstream – bypassing the liver and maintaining potency.  In addition to maximum potency, negating the liver reduces liver workload and stress.

Supplement Facts

  • Each Amino Acid Patch contains:
    Lysine USP 12.75mg, Phenylalanine 11.25mg, Leucine 11.19mg, Valine 10.5 mg, Isoleucine 8.25mg, Methionine 8.25mg, Threonine 8.25mg, Tryptophan 3mg, Tyrosine 1.5mg
  • Each DHEA Patch contains:
    7 Keto DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) 35mg, Garcinia Cambogia 10mg, Tyr-Somatostatin 10mg, L-Tyrosine 5mg, T2 (3, 5 Diiodo-L Thryronine) 2mg, Selenium 2mg, Iodotyrosine Deiodinase 1mg, Potassium Iodide 1mg
  • Each Creatine Patch contains:
    Creatine 50 mg, Beta Alanine 25 mg.