Multivitamin Supplement Patch

One month supply. 30 Multivitamin Supplement Patches – 29.95
Each contains: 30 Multivitamin Patches - One month supply.

Each contains: 30 Multivitamin Patches – One month supply.

Vitamins play a critical role in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  Texas Transdermals’ all natural time release Multivitamin Patch delivers a full range of vitamins and antioxidants proven essential for human well being.   This multivitamin formulation is optimized to deliver the most nutritionally effective forms of these vitamins and nutrients directly to the blood stream over a 12 hour period of time. Patches offer a solution for people who dislike swallowing pills.

Many multivitamins on the market include minerals that you don’t want in a multivitamin.  These minerals can inhibit the uptake of important nutrients like amino acids and other critical minerals.  Zinc can inhibit the uptake of amino acids and that interferes with muscle growth and strength gains.  Calcium is another problem in multivitamin supplements.  Calcium interferes with iron and manganese absorption.

Multivitamin Patch Supplement Facts

Each patch contains:
Vitamin A – 250 micrograms – as Retinol
Vitamin B12 – 100 micrograms – as Methylcobalamin
Vitamin C – 10mg – as L-Ascorbic Acid
Vitamin D3 – 60 micrograms – as Cholecalciferol
Vitamin E – 10mg – as D-alpha-tocopheryl Siccomate
Thiamin – 5mg – as Thiamin Mononitrate
Riboflavin – 5mg
Niacin – 5mg – as Niacinamide
Vitamin B6 – 5mg – as Pyridoxine HCI
Folic Acid – 250 micrograms
Biotin – 150 micrograms
Pantothenic Acid – 2.5mg – as D-Ca Pantothenate
Inositol – 2.5 mg
Choline – 1mg – as Choline Bitartrate
Caratenoid Mix – 200 micrograms – as Alpha Carotene, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Cyptoxanthin

CoQ10 – 7mg – as Ubiquinol
Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) – 2mg
Resveratrol – 5mg – as Trans Resveratrol
Astraxanthin (ATX) – 3mg
Ascorbate – 10-mg
Potassium Iodide – 1mg

Why is transdermal technology better than pills and powder?

When a dietary supplement is swallowed, it is digested by stomach acids and then metabolized by the liver to the extent that only a small portion of the original dosage enters the bloodstream.  Thus, the liver dramatically reduces the bioavailability of oral supplements. Bioavailability refers to the degree to which a nutrient becomes available to the target tissue after it has been administered.

Transdermal patch technology is superior to orals, because the supplement is delivered directly into the bloodstream – bypassing the liver and maintaining potency.  In addition to maximum potency, negating the liver reduces liver workload and stress.

Liver metabolism

First-pass elimination makes pills and powders virtually useless without the use of extremely high – unsafe doses of vitamins and minerals.










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